Coyote Tales


Crystal clear you are see through
we magnify fracture lines to reveal rainbows
tumbling down a river seems sedimentary
metamorphic intrinsically
all seeing is the tigers eye protecting light consciousness constantly
like moldavite we traverse alternate realities 
realistically amethest amulets amplify anonymity
all in one singularity
hidding behind obsidian shadows formed spiraling into oblivion
oblivious dendrites dance under moonlight on sacred meridians made of cocoxinite
lingams in lines rest on blood stone phosilized 
petrified wood replaced deposites denote time passed
with water flowing flourite growing
larimar eyes watch from a far as fields of fire oplalize individual minds
furthering the directions
did i mention magmatic interventions
basilic bases with liquid faces arise in sharp points and strange places
botroydal jade fractures underground where magic is made
where the super seven came together tanzanite took it's purple colour 
from cuprite to calcite clearly informs wheather of not benetoite believes the right
to exist with whatever density
destiny sets the scene for serendipity to become serpentine
rodonite indulges pink fantasies  when rhodocrocite recieves retorical distant memories
vaginal chalcedony calls on more fire for agate trees to grow sodalite in saphire dreams
labadorite leaves
lapis seeds
spores floating free forming
again it's water we need
garnets gather together between granular matter.


I am coming i will fly

bringing happiness compassion and love from the sky

landing like an eagle divine

grounded to the earth from deep down inside

with flames arise chaos in order perpetuating cycles of life

seas and river collide and dream state occurs not only in the mind

Return to the wisdom

Return to the land

Remind all the earth people animals and plants

that with life everything is living

constantly re evolving

light and darkness always ocuring

eco systems flowing

connecting in this moment my eyes begin to shed

the happiness of today and all the days ahead

Love it keeps on growing on a path decided now

for every moment becomes the next as the wind blows it