Coyote Tales

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These are a few nice things for sale.

(All merchandise made from mostly natural/scavanged/repurposed materials. Unique stones hand cut, carved and polished and wrapped with love in silver & copper~

Thank you for supporting a transient artist and in turn supporting all sorts of good stuff like but not limited to other traveling and or local arts, organic food & farmers, hitch hikers, community events, kibbles, conscious efforts to walk lightly on the earth, expanding and sharing light and Love with all beings~

More to come! 

Owl Back Moon

Moonstone & silver

Price $65.00 SOLD 

 Penny Earings

Canadian pennies & silver

My two cents for $20.00

Seed Beings

Seed, copper, magnetite & leather

Price $30.00  

 Horse Tailismen

Horse tooth, Arkansaw crystal, magnetite, leather & copper+ magic

Price $160.00