Coyote Tales

Living the DreamsĀ 

Coyote Tales is a business geared toward sharing stories through objects and handcrafted creations. We believe that where we go, who we meet and what we find along the way inspires us to connect with a growing community. Sharing experience and stories through the objects used in creating our art/jewelery puts forth a powerful intention to maintain meaningful relations everywhere that we go.  

Coyote Tales is also just a name, or two words that amuse us. "We" really means Saydi (the fuzzy creature) and me Abby (the girl) plus i suppose everyone and everything which inspires, amazes, and intrigues us can also be included in we.....hmm

This website is really an experiment. Our business is to live happy and full filling lives, to inspire, create and share.

The intention is to make this cyber space into a place where we show you what we love to do!~ Maybe you are in need of a service we can provide or item we have that is meant for you...

Thank you for taking the time to come here and pARTicipate!~


So here we sit pondering over the next steps to take and the next cards to play. Most recently we vended at the festival Open Mind in Quebec. It was wonderous very well received and left with feelings of support for our craft.

Currently looking for some land, a small cottage or somewhere magical to build a studio... we really need to spread things out set up the machines and get to creating. Perhaps an old barn or something. Recently inspired by going to the national mountain man rendezvous in Wyoming. And very much looking forward to exploring new ideas and technques such as electroplating and doing more soldering.

We also have a large stash of rough fire agates that we mined this spring from south eastern Arizona at the Deer Creek fire Agate mine. Staring to work on them and very excited to do so....well looks like i better cut some rocks....

Our new show will be next week for the Hamilton ARt crawl see you there!!!~

If you know of any shows or festivals you think would be a good fit for me please let me know. Blessings*


AT this time nearing the end of November 2014, we find ourselves in the heart of the USA, off in the vast landscape of Kansas.

Next we will be visiting Denver & Boulder Colorado, sliding down to Taos, NM...floating over to and through Sedona, Payson, Pheonix Arizona to land in Quartzsite AZ. This is where i will spend lots of time building on my skills and making lots of new pieces. Cutting and polishing rocks, collecting gems and minerals to carry and disperse on the journey.!~ Looking forward to a warm winter!

Open to all possibilities and opportunities to grow and learn. 

Very excited we are to be here in this moment!!! Onward bound!

 UPCOMING ~ Festivals,Markets&Events!

Winter traveling, a northern adventure to go south!~

I would like to sincerely thank Sault St Marie for being such an amazing place to pas through. In my short time there i experienced such care respect and kindness from all those who i met. Truly an inspiring experience.  Again thank you and blessings to everyone i met there!!!

Also on Manitoulin island, there are wonderful bright creative people everywhere~ So much gratitude~

 Currently on the road~ And will be in Quartzsite for the winter months, probably Tucson gem show also. If there are any specific crystals that  you would like to have or work with please let me know as i will be able to aquire them for you at great prices.


Looking to find more places to vend jewels or face paint ~

If you know of any opportunities along these lines, let me know about em!~

Many thanks~ :)

 The Bus Project has been going very well!

We have successfully installed a small wood stove and solar setup. Sharing the knowledge and experience as we go~

We got the bus converted professionally in Cobble Hill, BC, with Dr Dbjorn and his magical helper~

ALL SYSTEMS A GO!~ Running on Waste veggie oil YAY!~

We are collecting oil and designing a filtration system that will work while we are one the road, a tricky thing to do! Gravity is our friend.

Spring 2014 ~

The warm weather is here! We have been busy, creating, communing & conjuring ~!

We have had the pleasure of sharing time and space with some lovely people here in Ontario, furthering friendships, making new connections and deepening our relationship to the land. My arts and crafts have a glorious way of supporting us on our journey and we are so greatful.

We are interested in doing more clowning and sharing in this way with the world~ Finding ways of promoting positive social change and inward reflection.

Anyone interested in creating actions and street theatre narratives, traveling east or needing any help with their land or building projects please feel free to get in touch.

Lets see what we can do!

Nomads unite~